Saturday, 19 December 2020

Homemade Christmas, part 2

Christmas is getting close!

I've made a few homemade gifts. If you are behind on your gift list, hopefully some of my projects will help!

I made more coasters using copyright-free images, ceramic tiles, and mod podge (I backed them with felt squares cut to size and mod podged on). The theme can be suited to each individual. It is quick, easy, and inexpensive to make.

For a quick stocking stuffer, I made little keychains out of "paracord" and key rings from the dollar store:

The pattern for Paracord Buddy Keychain is available online from

I am very ecological and I like to take my own straw when going to get fast food. I bought metal straws at my dollar plus store. I cut two 5" wide x two 11" long pieces of cotton fabric and added a zipper to make a pouch. For a larger family and more straws, increase the width of the pouch.

Lastly, I sewed a quilt block for myself. I'm not generally a fan of pink, but I love this one! It's from

Happy crafting, and happy holidays!

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Homemade Christmas

I started crafting for Christmas a few weeks ago.

Along with sewing and knitting, I also wanted to include some general crafting for presents.

I watched one of my favourite YouTuber's create coasters from tiles using Mod Podge. This inspired me to make a gift for my long-time friend. She is redecorating her master bedroom with a theme of nature.

She has recently mentioned to me (a few times) about her love of dandelions. I thought that this project would be a perfect gift for her!


- 4 copy-right free images from the internet (or your personal photography)

- 4 - 4" ceramic tiles (I used glossy)

- Mod-Podge or other decoupage glue (I chose matte finish)

- wide foam brush or paint brush

- cardboard or plastic chopping boards (dollar store) to use as a work surface

1. Print out photos to fit your tiles. My tiles were 4" squares, so I ordered my 4 x 4" photos at my local store online. (It is easier to crop your images into a square shape before you upload.) Select small image (my option was up to 6") to get the best pixal quality for your image. Alternatively, you can print the images you select on your own personal printer, or send them to an office shop.

2. Check your ceramic tiles. Make sure that they are clean and not chipped/broken.

3. On a flat work surface, place a tile. Pour about a tablespoon of the Mod Podge over top of the tile surface and evenly spread with your foam or paint brush. Let set for a couple of minutes. Place the image right-side up on top of the poured and smoothed Mod Podge on tile. Place about another tablespoon of Mod Podge over your image, smoothing out from the centre. Re-straigten as needed, and coat entire top of image. Make sure that you apply evenly and don't leave fingerprints as it gets tacky.

4. Your Mod Podge creation should set up and dry clearly within 20 minutes. Be patient though. It's best to let it completely dry over night.

My project:

I am thrilled with the results!

This was a simple project, but inexpensive and very rewarding.

Total cost per tile: 29 cents CDN

Total cost per print: 39 cents CDN

Mod Podge that I bought years ago, so I'm figuring it's paid for itself

I bought a cute Christmas box from the dollar store that fits these perfectly. I will also include some felt padding to put on the bottoms so that they don't scratch any table.

Happy crafting!

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Cheddar Jack quilt square

I absolutely adore cats. Cats and quilts go together so well!

I came across Mama Spark's World's Cheddar Jack quilt block and I had to make it!

Thankfully, and luckily, this pattern is free to download. It was uploaded in 2016 and so I'm happy to have come across it.

Here is my version:

His one ear is slightly off (oops!), but I love him anyway!

Happy crafting!

Monday, 14 September 2020

Moda Blockheads

I somehow came across a free block-of-the-week along from Moda Fabrics - Moda Blockheads 3. I don't know why I hadn't heard of this event earlier.

This is their third series, featuring both difficult and easy blocks.

I started off with the easy squares, block #35, which had just been released:

It was a fun and easy block to make. I'm still kind of figuring out my colour scheme, and I'm not sure if the blue will be used in any of my other blocks. I do love the purple and green combination, though and have enough of it to complete several more blocks.

There are several ways to make this block stand out. I am a part of the Moda Blockheads Facebook group and some of the blocks posted are spectacular.

The second block was another easy one. I had to make some adjustments as mine didn't quite line up with the suggested cutting dimensions. Here is my alternate block #18:

I love this easy design and am pondering the possibility of making a whole row of these for a bed runner.

The Blockheads II (2018) patterns are available from Bear Creek Quilting Company.

The patterns for Blockheads I (2017) have now been removed for free access. They have been published together in a book for purchase by Moda.

Happy crafting!

Friday, 29 May 2020

Snail mail and little surprises

Gone are the days of waiting for a letter to arrive, that's why it's even more special when someone takes a bit of time out of their day to put something special in the mail just for you.

My long-time friend and I have been mailing cards to each other each month for a while. These are well-received little pick-me-ups because it's especially nice to know that someone is thinking of you. And, let's face it, this isolation thing has been difficult. Even more so for my friend who's living alone.

For June I wanted to include a little something extra in the card. It had to be small and virtually weightless as the cost of mailing something has gone up.

Through a Pintrest search I found Crafty Staci's Quick Fabric Corner Bookmark. It's small, it's quick, it takes very little material and it will fit nicely in the envelope with the card.

Of course, just one wouldn't do!

Happy crafting! :)

Sunday, 5 April 2020


I've been holding off on sewing a mask.

Sewing of masks has been a controversial topic on sewing forums. My conclusion is that having one is better than not having one.

These masks are NOT intended to replace high-filter masks that block 98% of germs via the COVID-19 virus. However, along with strict adherence to social distancing of at least 2 metres, these masks could prove worthy of wearing.

This pattern is from Craft Passion:

The top pattern was from two 6 x 9" pieces of fabric and 25" of binding used for each of the ties (original pattern calls for 40" in total). The tutorial from The Missouri Star Quilt Company is available to watch on YouTube.

For both patterns, I used cotton on the outside and fleece on the inside.

Happy crafting! :)

Friday, 3 April 2020

Charity bears

I'm trying to find small projects to keep me busy during this time of self-quarantine.

I've seen this little, free bear project and decided to make a few.

Using a short-matt fabric that I stole from a second-hand stuffed animal kit that I bought a while ago, I started with this little guy:

The locking eyes and applique need to be done first, before sewing and stuffing the bear. I think that Jake turned out quite cute!

Next, came Fred:

Fred is extremely soft. He's made out a polyester blanket that I bought a while ago at the dollar-plus store for $4.00 (Canadian). He turned out very cute, but cutting out the fabric was messy as the fibres went everywhere in my sewing room. After being sewn up, though, he no longer sheds. I also have a lot of the blanket left to make more, when my patience resumes.

My teen son has claimed Fred. He was also the one to name him...

The pattern for Warren the Charity Bear comes from Shiny Happy World.

For using the pattern, we will be making a donation to our local food bank in this (greater) time of need.

Happy crafting!