Saturday 15 September 2007

Freebie for you - Sim's Snowboarder

Sim's Snowboarder, copyright 2007 by Val Campbell

This is my first knitting design! Can you tell what it is?

I designed it for my long-time friend, Simone, who absolutely loves snowboarding. (Shhh! It's a gift for her this Christmas!)

It was meant to be a dishcloth, but it turned out a bit larger. I knitted it up with 4mm needles in Bernat's "French Blue." Its dimensions are 9 1/2" wide by 12" long, unblocked. Enjoy!

SIM'S SNOWBOARDER Copyright 2007 by Val Campbell

Supplies: Cotton yarn and 4mm needles. Model stitched in “French Blue.”
Finished size: 9 ½” wide by 12” long.

Cast on 46 stitches.

Rows 1 to 3: Knit across.
Row 4 and all remaining even-numbered rows: knit across.
Row 5: k3, p40, k3
Row 7: k3, p5, k5, p30, k3
Row 9: k3, p6, k6, p28, k3
Row 11: k3, p8, k5, p27, k3
Row 13: k3, p8, k6, p26, k3
Row 15: k3, p10, k5, p25, k3
Row 17: k3, p11, k5, p24, k3
Row 19: k3, p13, k4, p23, k3
Row 21: k3, p14, k5, p21, k3
Row 23: k3, p14, k6, p20, k3
Row 25: k3, p13, k8, p19, k3
Row 27: k3, p13, k9, p18, k3
Row 29: k3, p13, k10, p17, k3
Row 31: k3, p13, k4, p2, k5, p16, k3
Row 33: k3, p12, k5, p3, k5, p15, k3
Row 35: k3, p12, k4, p6, k5, p13, k3
Row 37: k3, p11, k5, p7, k5, p12, k3
Row 39: k3, p11, k5, p8, k6, p10, k3
Row 41: k3, p11, k4, p10, k6, p9, k3
Row 43: k3, p10, k6, p10, k6, p8, k3
Row 45: k3, p10, k8, p7, k8, p7, k3
Row 47: k3, p10, k11, p3, k11, p5, k3
Row 49: k3, p11, k18, p1, k6, p4, k3
Row 51: k3, p13, k15, p4, k5, p3, k3
Row 53: k3, p13, k15, p5, k5, p2, k3
Row 55: k3, p14, k14, p6, k4, p2, k3
Row 57: k3, p3, k1, p10, k13, p8, k4, p1, k3
Row 59: k3, p2, k3, p10, k12, p9, k3, p1, k3
Row 61: k3, p2, k4, p9, k12, p8, k4, p1, k3
Row 63: k3, p2, k6, p6, k12, p6, k6, p2, k3
Row 65: k3, p3, k23, p1, k10, p3, k3
Row 67: k3, p4, k32, p4, k3
Row 69: k3, p6, k29, p5, k3
Row 71: k3, p7, k25, p8, k3
Row 73: k3, p12, k19, p9, k3
Row 75: k3, p13, k16, p11, k3
Row 77: k3, p15, k12, p13, k3
Row 79: k3, p15, k7, p18, k3
Row 81: k3, p15, k7, p18, k3
Row 83: k3, p15, k6, p19, k3
Row 85: k3, p16, k4, p20, k3
Row 87: k3, p40, k3
Rows 89 to 91: Knit across.
Bind off.

Copyright 2007 by Val Campbell.


Anonymous said...

thnaks for the pattern of a snow boarder, my son is avid snowboarder and i will make this for him. looks good to me.

Anonymous said...

Val, thank you for the freebie! I'd looked all over for a cross-stitch snowboarder pattern to make into a Christmas ornament for my nephew. I was able to take your knitting instructions and make them into a x-stitch chart. It's just the right size and will look real nice. Thanks again. Pam

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snowboard pattern my brother loves to snowboard so I made him one he loved it.