Tuesday 6 November 2007

New freebie pattern! - TRUCK

I have finally finished knitting up my latest design:

Truck cloth designed by Val Campbell, copyright 2007 Truck design by Val Campbell, copyright 2007
Click here to get a larger graph.


Copyright 2007 by Val Campbell (http://nimbleneedles.blogspot.com)
Supplies: Cotton yarn and 4mm needles.
Finished size: 9" x 6" long.

Cast on 48 stitches.

Rows 1 to 3: Knit across.
Row 4 and all remaining even-numbered rows: knit across.
Row 5: k3, p42, k3
Row 7: k3, p42, k3
Row 9: k3, p10, k3, p17, k3, p9, k3
Row 11: k3, p9, k2, p1, k2, p15, k2, p1, k2, p8, k3
Row 13: k3, p3, k5, p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k13, p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k4, p3, k3
Row 15: k3, p4, k5, p1, k3, p1, k15, p1, k3, p1, k4, p4, k3
Row 17: k3, p4, k6, p3, k17, p3, k5, p4, k3
Row 19: k3, p4, k34, p4, k3
Row 21: k3, p4, k34, p4, k3
Row 23: k3, p4, k34, p4, k3
Row 25: k3, p4, k24, p7, k2, p5, k3
Row 27: k3, p4, k24, p6, k2, p6, k3
Row 29: k3, p4, k24, p5, k2, p7, k3
Row 31: k3, p4, k19, p1, k4, p4, k2, p8, k3
Row 33: k3, p4, k19, p1, k9, p9, k3
Row 35: k3, p4, k19, p1, k8, p10, k3
Row 37: k3, p4, k19, p19, k3
Row 39: k3, p4, k19, p19, k3
Row 41: k3, p4, k19, p19, k3
Row 43: k3, p42, k3
Row 45: k3, p42, k3
Rows 46 to 49: Knit across.

Bind off.

Copyright 2007 by Val Campbell.

Please send me photos if you stitch/knit it up!

More designs to come!


Anonymous said...

Great pattern for a truck. I viewed the fire truck first and said that I would use that for a crocheted pillow or wall hanging. Project could be bigger (such as a carpet) by adding more vehicles... could even be used as a rug hooking pattern. Great job! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help with this! My grandson is truck-obsessed, and this will be a thrill for him. It'll be on the back of his sweater that I'm knitting.

PS--When I clicked to get the larger pattern, that didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this neat truck pattern, Val. Love your patterns. Xmas gifts for the grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much. I have a wheel obsessed nephew and all my neices and nephews get facewashers for Christmas. Best pattern I've seen for a truck!