Thursday, 19 June 2008

I'm back...!

Things have been utterly turned upside down in my life as of late. It has been an extremely stressful time, but I have found some time in this chaotic life to knit.

I've finally delved into the famous ballband dishcloth. I enjoyed knitting up the pattern and the colour choices are virtuously endless:

Friends have been my saving grace during this trying time, and so I knitted this Relay Angel for one such friend:

I've always wanted to knit up the Little Houses cloth. It is a more detailed pattern and, I admit, it was frogged a few times because I wasn't paying close enough attention...

A wonderfully fun project to do was the mother earth illusion cloth. It was wonderful to see the pattern come together. I would like to eventually design my own illusion cloth, time permitting!

I love how it turned out with an incomplete border (the little bookworm was also appreciated).

It seems that I always know someone who is pregnant. Three friends have already had babies this year and there is one more baby waiting to arrive next month. This free pattern for Bunny Blanket Bunny is just so cute that they are probably all going to get one! (Photos of the completed bunnies to come!)