Saturday, 16 February 2008

Inspiration! (At last!)

Okay. After a few weeks of hiatus I've finally been inspired to resume my knitting. This comes after a lot of frogging of my first hat project.

I guess that inspiration comes in many forms, and one of the best forms of inspiration is that of other knitters who are still utterly enthusiastic about their work.

Such is my book club friend, Pat, who knit yet another sweater for my eldest son (this was the second one). She actually asked me if I wanted the sweater! She has been knitting a while, and she clearly knits because she loves to. The sweater fits very nicely (photos to come) and is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for your generousity, Pat!

Another friend is from Ravelry. Brad is quite an accomplished knitter for being a newbie. He recently began crocheting, and is now knitting and crocheting with a vengence. If we can both get our acts together we will be knitting a hat together. He, unfortunately, has a growing list of WIPs. We've discussed this problem. Then he met a REALLY nice yarn lady who, after he told of his hat-knitting frustrations, "inspired" him to buy Alpaca ($$) to knit a sweater. She lured him in with the line, "If you can knit a sweater, you can knit a hat." I burst out laughing when he told me that. Of course "she was SOOOOOOOO nice!" ;-) In all fairness though, he IS finishing off projects, so it's not like his WIPs aren't being worked on.

I took pics last night of the Easy Rib Hat that I'm finally working on again. Here is my progress:

Happy knitting!