Sunday, 3 February 2008

The hat from H- E- double-hockey sticks land

Well, I am temporarily giving up on the rib hat that I was going to do. I got frustrated and frogged it no fewer than four times before my friend told me that my cast-on stitches were much too tight. (Ummm... duh? Why didn't MY brain think of that?!) I think that the hat will go on a hiatus for a little while so that I have enough time to forget my lack of progress. Maybe next year...

Anyway, since I am wanting to knit dh a hat while it's still cold (and snowy!) I thought that I'd chose another "easy" pattern. (Anyone else see the irony of something being labelled "easy"?) I am currently working on Paton's free pattern called Easy Rib Hat. It's being done in Bernat Softee Chunky, with grey for the main colour and dark blue for the alternate. It's slow going because I'm now back at school - pics to come of the progress soon.

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