Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Never-ending Scarf est complet

"Mommy, is the scarf going to be as big as the house?"

Kids. Gotta love them when they blurt out what everyone else is thinking. Now I know that I wasn't the only one gettting bored with what I am now calling "the never-ending scarf" that was no longer fitting the category of take-along knitting (think: bulky yarn stuffed into a shopping bag). So I decided to call it "fin" after the 16th repeat (at ~4' 10"), BO, and pack up my supplies:

I am now complete I am very pleased with the end product although in my usual grumpiness (otherwise known as me epitomizing a control-freak) there are things about the scarf that are really ticking me off.

One is the fact that this scarf curls inwards (this is not only my complaint - refer to Ravelry for more opinion). There were no suggestions in the pattern to block the scarf. Would this even fix the problem, I don't know.

Secondly, my scarf measures only 7" in width instead of the 8" indicated in the pattern. I have no problem with this as I like how my scarf looks and I can't imagine how very loose the pattern would be if I didn't knit so tightly. (I have yet to do sweaters or anything using real gauge, so I'm not worried YET.)

Thirdly, there is no way I could knit the full 21 repeats without wanting to do something morbid with the huge needles needed for the project. I'm content in knowing that less is more. :-)