Friday, 11 January 2008

Generation X

Here's my line of thinking, or rather, my version of word association. So I'm sitting, watching tv and knitting my cable scarf, and on comes an interview with Douglas Coupland on CBC. (As you may or may not know, Douglas Coupland coined the term "Generation X" in his book of the same title.) Amazingly, at this same point in time that I'm watching Coupland's interview, my scarf resembles an X:

Talk about coincidences! (Maybe I should write to let him know of this miraculous happening.) Anyway, I am knitting along and watching the interview because I loved Coupland's book, Hey Nostradamas. I have yet to watch the CBC series based on Douglas Coupland's book, Jpod. It could be because of the fact that I hated the book and I really don't feel any strong urge to watch Canadian-born actor Alan Thicke in it. Hmmm... Did you "get" Jpod? Are you watching the show, perhaps curious to see just what CBC will allow Coupland to show on air?

The photo shows my progress to the end of the first repeat. Only 21 more repeats to go (less, if I get bored; more if I pick up some butterscotch yarn)...

You can see my book reviews on Jpod and Hey Nostradamas here.