Friday, 4 January 2008

2008: Year of the Cable?

In order to advance my knitting skills I have decided to take on cables. At the same time I am also attempting to try something other/larger than dishcloths. For my first cable project I have decided that I want to make a scarf, and I finally found a scarf pattern that looks simple enough to attempt. As Lion Brand's free pattern is called "Learn to Cable Scarf", it quite aptly fits my needs.

Lion Brand's Learn to Cable Scarf
This pattern is also listed as "Easy," so that immediately moved this scarf into contention. The pattern calls for 9mm needles (US13), which I had to go out of my way to get (20+ minutes each way). At least Michael's had a 30% off sale and I got my yarn, knitting needles, and cable needles a little cheaper. (My dh, James, wants a scarf done in grey tones so I had to get a raincheque for some grey yarn. Is grey yarn that popular?)

I am not thrilled with the sample colours chosen by whomever knitted it up. Sorry, the "butterscotch" and "taupe" together just do not make me happy. Others' work on Ravelry looks great for this scarf and has been done in a multitude of colour choices (note: none of them is in the butterscotch and taupe combination). I choose Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Fisherman (Fisherperson???). I've grown to love the look of cream or off-white in the final result of knitting. Boring? Maybe. But I'm knitting it for me, and if all goes well it should turn out beautifully. :-) Wish me luck, and answer my poll (up on the right -->)!