Thursday, 13 December 2007

How knitting connects the world

During my blogging experience I have come across other knitters who have emailed to let me know that they are enjoying my free designs. I am very happy to offer these designs to anyone who (obviously) will respect the copyright implied when downloading one of my patterns.

I have heard from a lot of knitters who have found their way to my blog from the Yahoo! groups that I belong to. One such knitter, Shirley, is all the way from South Africa - how exciting! Shirley has so generously sent me a photo of the garbage truck that she knit up:

Garbage truck, knitted by Shirley

I never would have thought of using white, but I love it!

Here is mine, in green:

Garbage truck, knitted by Val

I need some ideas for upcoming knitting designs. Anything that you'd like to see?

Happy knitting,