Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Why old ladies knit

Yesterday I pulled out my cross-stitch after taking a long hiatus from it because I was having carpal (LOL, not "carpool") problems and I was also learning to knit.

Lately things just seem to be getting smaller all around me. A cross-stitch chart that I've used before now seems miniscule in its detail! I've noticed that of late the scores of hockey games are impossible for me to see. I thought that maybe it's just that our TV is getting "old" and is incapable of getting HD. DH has also noticed the small-score phenomenon, and we are constantly asking each other if it's just us. Come on, we both wear glasses but I am still a few years away from turning forty!

Until I can make my way to make an enlargement of the cross-stitch pattern I will do as the old ladies do - knit. There is rarely a chart to follow, and my eyes can take their much-needed rest to focus on making out the hockey score.

I have pictures to post of my latest knitting, but those new-fangled rechargeable batteries for my camera have thrown me for a loop again.

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